Why apply?

Only a partnership, i.e. a long-lasting and coordinated effort involving industry, research and the public sector, can live up to the challenge and bring predictability to the European battery value chain stakeholders.


By pooling Europe’s resources and knowledge, partnerships have demonstrated their efficiency for accelerating the development, industrialisation and deployment of strategic technologies that underpin growth and jobs in key sectors of the European economy.


Why joining the Partnership?

Being involved in BEPA provides the following benefits:

  • First hand information on the industrial R&I roadmap;

  • First hand view of impactful research findings generated in Europe (in Horizon Europe projects);

  • Opportunity to significantly contribute to the direction of battery research , drive the prioritisation of research topics and ability to impact it;

  • Be part of a strong industrial network with a focus on innovation;

  • Overview and understanding of the entire value chain and the potential impacts of upcoming innovations across all sectors;

  • Understanding of the potential impact of innovations resulting from research employing cross cutting topics (e.g. digitalisation);

  • Understanding of the technology readiness;

  • Strong connections to other European Partnerships which influence the battery industry;

  • Understanding of the requirements and conditions that will be / is created by European regulations.

Who can apply?

All legal entities with activities in R&D, demonstration, industrialisation, production, commercialisation or deployment of the technologies and services within the scope of the Partnership, sharing and supporting the objectives of the Partnership, and performing activities in the European Union (or countries associated to the Horizon Europe Programme), can apply for membership.


How to apply?

To become a member of BEPA, please fill in the Application Form. 

The original signature of a duly-empowered representative of your organisation is required for the records of the Association.


Once your application is submitted online, you will need to download a PDF version, print it, have it signed by a duly-empowered representative and send it via email to the Secretariat ( and via physical mail to the Secretariat, Avenue Adolphe Lacomblé 59/8, B-1030 Brussels.

The Membership will be subject to payment of an annual membership fee, which varies depending on the membership category. Please find below the provisional schedule of fees.