31 March 2021

The newly created association now includes 144 members from the European battery community willing to contribute to the ambitious upcoming Research & Innovation Partnership on Batteries under Horizon Europe - the next Framework programme for Research and Innovation of the European Union.

Brussels, 31 March 2021 – Last week, the Second General Assembly of the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA a.i.s.b.l.) - the private-side association of the Batteries European Partnership under Horizon Europe - gathered more than 150 participants who strive to advance battery research and grow the industry for Europe.


The meeting started with the announcement of the new official name of the Batteries European Partnership: “Batt4EU” (meaning Batteries for Europe) and was followed by a presentation from Philippe Froissard (Head of Unit at DG RTD, D2, “Future Urban & Mobility Systems”) who shared the expectations of the European Commission towards the Batt4EU Partnership.


One of the key points of the General Assembly was to present to the BEPA members the current version of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) – the founding contractual agreement which will be signed between the European Commission and BEPA in the coming months – as well as the current version of two crucial documents which will be attached to the MoU: the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and the Monitoring Framework of the Partnership.


After discussing BEPA budget and plan of activities for 2021, the election of a new representative in BEPA governing positions took place. Federico Cartasegna (Innovation Manager at FPT Industrial) was elected as delegate for  the category “other battery applications industry” in BEPA’s Association Delegation. (The updated list of BEPA elected representatives is available below).


With more than 144 members (of which 58 are industry members, 57 research organisations and 29 associations and others), the next steps for the association will be now:

  • to finalise Partnership’s creation and founding documents (Strategic R&I Agenda, Monitoring Framework) in coordination with BEPA experts;

  • to officially sign the contractual agreement with the European Commission;

  • to launch the BEPA Working Groups and Task-Forces, so that experts can start discussing future battery R&I priorities in the perspective of the following Horizon Europe Work Programmes.


For more information regarding BEPA (including how to apply to become a member), please consult our members' section: https://www.bepassociation.eu/members


Press contact:

Communication Officer – v.ferrara@bepassociation.eu  +32 488 210364

Secretary-General – p.jacques@bepassociation.eu +32 471 67 47 29​​






Chair of the Association:

Michael Lippert, SAFT

Vice-Chair acting as Treasurer of the Association:

Kurt Vandeputte, UMICORE

Research Vice-chair of the Association: 

Simon Perraud, CEA



Battery raw materials industry:


Battery advanced materials industry:

  • Kurt Vandeputte, UMICORE

Battery manufacturing industry:

  • Michael Lippert, SAFT

Battery manufacturing supply industry:

  • Carlo Novarese, COMAU

Battery automotive industry:

  • Franz Geyer, BMW

Other battery applications industry:

  • Luigi Lanuzza, ENEL X

Battery research members:

  • Simon Perraud, CEA

  • Edel Sheridan, SINTEF ENERGI



Philippe Jacques, EMIRI



In addition to the Executive Board members,

Battery raw materials industry:

  • Tuomas Van der Meer, METSO OUTOTEC

Battery advanced materials industry:

  • Daniel Gloesener, SOLVAY

Battery manufacturing industry:

  • Olivier Colas, BLUESOLUTIONS

  • Daria Hedberg, GEYSER BATTERIES

  • Bernhard Riegel, HOPPECKE BATTERIEN

Battery manufacturing supply industry:

  • Stefano Saguatti, MANZ

Battery automotive industry:

  • Volker Hennige, AVL List

  • Christophe Petitjean, VALEO

Other battery applications industry:

  • Laurent Torcheux, EDF

  • Federico Cartasegna, FPT Industrial

Battery recycling industry:

  • Tero Holländer, FORTUM

Battery research members:

  • Oscar Miguel Crespo, CIDETEC

  • Henning Lorrmann, FRAUNHOFER Gesellschaft

  • Kristina Edström, UPPSALA University



  • Patrick Clerens, EASE

  • Claude Chanson, RECHARGE

Avenue Adolphe Lacomble 59/8, 1030, Brussels, Belgium


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